Bridal Dresses - Tujunga

Bridal Dresses

We don’t just alter bridal dresses, but we make them, too. We work closely with our customers in Tujunga to establish the look they’re after. We understand the importance of the events such as your wedding! Every bride wishes to appear the most beautiful and lovely women who make the heads turn! Our skilled and experienced dressmakers then work to make the dress to these specifications. It’s an exciting process for us, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of artistry in Tujunga. We never cut any corners and ensure the finish is of the utmost standard. Come and talk to us about ball dresses, bridal gowns, bridesmaid’s dresses and mother-of-the-bride dresses. You will be more than happy!

Special Occasion Dresses - Tujunga

Special Occasion Dresses

Whether it's prom, a house party or your marriage anniversary, we at Shami Choueiri exactly know how to make you look beautiful. We offer a broad variety of special occasion dresses tailored to your exact needs and highlighting your beauty. Shami Choueiri special occasion clothes in Tujunga will certainly make everyone jealous of your lovely dress and help your rise to the occasion. Why pay higher for an outfit, when you can easily customize a tailor made look. Get modern, creative and eye-catching designs in your wardrobe at competitive rates in Tujunga.

Alteration Service - Tujunga

Alteration Service

Fitting in your old or new clothes won't be a problem as Shami Choueiri is offering best alteration services in Tujunga at extremely affordable rates. We understand the feeling when your wardrobe is full of colorful clothes, and you can't wear them comfortably because of a little weight gain. When your clothes fit perfectly, they look better, are more comfortable, and help you feel more “YOU.” Let our expert team of professional tailors in Tujunga guide you through the alteration process—and see how your wardrobe is completely transformed! Whether it is wedding dress alterations, special occasion dress alterations, we ensure to offer the best fit which allows being comfortable and completely satisfied, wherever you go!

Clothing Alterations - Tujunga

Clothing Alterations

If you’re near Tujunga, CA and need any alterations to your special dress, jeans, dress, skirt, or any other clothing, then you’re in the correct place! There is no alteration too big or too small. Our seamstress has over 38 years of vast experience and has been formally educated in her field. All tailoring and alterations are fully guaranteed accurate with a prompt turnaround time. Whether you’re in the city on a business trip, a wedding or just need to get your clothing fixed, we’ve got you covered. Get cheap clothing alterations at surprisingly affordable rates in Tujunga.

Wedding Dress Alterations - Tujunga

Wedding Dress Alterations

We are one of Tujunga leading and most experienced bridal tailoring and wedding dress alterations services. Founded for over 38 years and with a skilled team of professional tailors, designers, consultants and seamstresses in our studio in Tujunga. Our highly skilled team carries out Wedding dress alterations, Bride dress alterations, Made-to-measure/bespoke bridal tailoring, Restyling, Dress alterations and much more. No job is too complicated, which is why the leading bridal fashion houses in Tujunga trust us with their wedding dress alterations for their clients. We at Shami Choueiri in Tujunga, help altering your lovely wedding dress to bring out the best in your shape.